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Joe Pallister as Bill Coles in other People's Money
I would’ve liked to have seen more of Mr. Pallister, whose role was small but not his presence on the stage. He surprised me as William Coles, the Wire and Cable Company president who is looking out for number one in the midst of the fallout. He is, by turns, nerdy and cunning, loyal and manipulative.
Mr. Pallister quietly infuses this character with depth and personality beyond what is on the page.
- by Dawn Watson Southampton Press and East Hampton Press
- Scott Eck (Atticus Finch)
CEO & President 
at Leadership Masters

"This guy
can play anything"

As the stoic and wry Morgan, Joe Pallister superbly conveys the weariness of a self-imposed life of sacrifice and loss, but he also expresses the gentle love he has for Angus and a dry sense of humor that comes in some unexpected moments. This is a performance you do not want to miss.
- by Toni Munna (Art & Architecture Quarterly/East End)
joe pallister as Morgan in the drawer boy
- Jack Heller
Producer - Dark Was the Night   |   Refuge   |   Zombieland: Double Tap

"You are the
swiss army knife
of actors"

Dark-Was-The-Night Hunter
As Steve Refuge

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